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While reading the updated Top 25 exploits in the Common Weakness Enumeration I came across an exploit that I was not familiar with. It is numbered CWE-619: Dangling Database Cursor.

I was wondering if there are any tools, similar to a Sql Injection fuzzer, that I could use to test my server for possible exploits. I am running Windows Server 08 with Oracle 10g on IIS 7. FOSS would be great, but I would pay some for a solid testing suite that can check for this exploit.

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why the down votes? – Justin C Jul 8 '11 at 16:45
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I'm not aware of any publicly available toolsets for this at the moment, but there's been a couple of interesting white-papers and postings recently on the general security dangers of cursors

Two from David Litchfield here and here

and an interesting blog posting from Pete Finnigan here

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