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Whatever I and my family members do at 'Home PC' is visible in the history in Google chrome in my 'Office PC'. The two networks are entirely different!

I saw all websites visited on our home PC by my brother on my office PC. I notice it is mostly Facebook and GMail and Google search results.

I do acknowledge that I open my same GMail account in office and home.

What is happening? I suspect that Google is porting our web activities by associating it with my email ID which I open at home and office. But I am not that aware in security.

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Google Chrome has a Sync feature that synchronizes browsing history, configurations, bookmarks, etc. between Chrome browsers using the same Google Account. You've very likely used your Google/GMail account when starting Google Chrome the first time on both computers.

You can change the sync settings on your home computer and disable the items you don't want to sync. For example, you can disable syncing the browsing history.

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I will try this tomorrow. Thanks – gpuguy Feb 19 '14 at 10:57

You have probably Signed-in to the Chrome web browser. In case you did, Chrome does sync history, tabs, extensions and other stuff, which might be the reason why you are experiencing this?

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