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I am programmer by day and night, I work within security at the moment working on some security products. I have noticed a few non software engineering based roles which require security clearance. I was wondering is there any cases within software engineering / programming that developers require security clearance ?

If the answer is yes where would one get this type of accreditation ? and what are some useful resources on this subject ?

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If you work on a classified project, you will need a security clearance. You, as an individual, cannot get a clearance. You have to be sponsored by a company, and then only if you will be working on a classified project. It is expensive for a company to get you a clearance, and it often takes 9 months or more, so it can be hard to get one. –  Ron Feb 24 at 10:21
So if I was going to work on a project would an employer typically state that you need to be able to gain clearance ? I say company A got my security clearance could it be transferred to company B ? –  OliverBS Feb 24 at 10:23
This varies country to country, so while Ron's guidance is broadly correct in the US, in the UK it is typically much less time to gain clearance (for some levels). In some countries the sponsor may be government. –  Rory Alsop Feb 24 at 10:43
Often employers require that you be "eligible" for a clearance. And yes, they can be transferred. –  Ron Feb 24 at 10:44
Yes, I should mention that I'm speaking from a US perspective. –  Ron Feb 24 at 10:44

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