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In relation to my previous question. I have this Warning again from both RKHunter and Chkrootkit.

My VPS has been turned off for how many weeks, until I turned it on again to deploy my website. After the deployment, I did the RKhunter Scan and Chkrootkit and it warned me about;

using Chkrootkit...

The following suspicious files and directories were found:

While in RKhunter...

Warned about deleted files being used in...

I am exactly clueless on how to deal with the issue.

Is this False Positive? Will I just add it to the white list?

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Are there places where the warnings are explained fully? – user64249 Dec 29 '14 at 5:30

Most probably false positive (depends of its content). Got the same warning on two different clean machines (Ubuntu 12.04 & Debian 7).

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