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2G would leave you vulnerable to spoofed base stations. 3G tried to somewhat fix that using mutual authentication. Now, I tried to check how LTE handles this but I couldn’t find any usefull information.

Are both client and network being authenticated in the current LTE standard, or can someone with a fake (LTE) base-station position themselves between the device and the network?

Also – in the likely case that LTE also relies on mutual authentication – are there any papers you can point me to that handle related security analyses? Those would come handy as I am trying to compare the individual, security-related characteristics and according changes/enhancements from 2G up to LTE.

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Both UE and eNB are authenticated. Checkout this video "How secure is LTE?" by Charles Brookson who knows a thing or two about mobile security. –  xcxc May 9 at 17:44

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enter image description here Yes LTE uses bi-directional authentication. src

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