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I'm conducting some basic pen testing against a page protected with Basic Authentication. I've sucessfully tested with Medusa and Hydra but am struggling to get the syntax correct for ncrack.

the syntax I have been using usually gives the following error (which I am not entirely sure what it means)

Starting Ncrack 0.4ALPHA ( ttp://ncrack.org ) at 2014-05-10 13:37 EDT Failed to resolve given hostname/IP: . Note that you can't use '/mask' AND '1-4,7,100-' style IP ranges

the web page is hosted on a local vm pointing to the webpage /~alice/secret/

Usage: ncrack [Options] {target and service specification}

ncrack -m http -U users -P adobe25 ttp://webserver_ip -path /~alice/secret/

Any help on explaining/fixing this syntax would be greatly appreciated.

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just in case you copy paste that command line, you did realise you've missed the leading h off the URL? –  Rоry McCune May 10 at 19:47
Hi Rory, yeah I did, it was throwing errors at me saying that I couldn't post more than 2 links, so I dropped the 'http' down to 'ttp' - I should have mentioned that. Thanks :) –  user46352 May 11 at 11:46
pretty sure you don't put http as the target. You would just put the hostname (or IP addr/prefix) and then use -p <port number> –  atdre Oct 10 at 15:26

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