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Possible Duplicate:
Servers for penetration testing

I'm in a process of learning security of networks and websites. I already practised code reviewing but I want to perform exercise.

Is there any online resources to get our hands dirty instead of just looking at code and word for learning web security or network security?

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Hi @wizztjh, welcome to Information Security! This question has been answered several times here already, in several different ways... see the linked question above. Additionally, you can take a look at… and especially… – AviD Aug 12 '11 at 11:41
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I would recommend that you have a look at some of the wargames out there. For example one of my personal favourites is Over the Wire where they provide several games of varying difficulty. Certainly makes for a much more entertaining and thrilling learning experience.

Another one more specifically targeting web-hacking is Hack This Site split into varying levels of difficulty.

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thanks for the Over the Wire!! – wizztjh Aug 12 '11 at 10:21

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