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Possible Duplicate:
Resources to learn about security

What materials can I study to learn web development security. I'm a web developer, I use ASP.NET, Java, PHP, and JavaScript. I want to learn how to build strong and robust web sites that are not vulnerable. I want to protect my backend database.

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I happen to think the following two resources provide an outstanding introduction to web security for developers:

@Nam's answer links to a number of other good resources. And a search on "web security" on this site will reveal many additional resources, e.g.,

If you read through those pages, you'll find tons of great resources referenced in the answers there.

Also, I encourage you to take a look at Stanford's CS 241 and CS 142 courses on secure web programming. The courses are excellent and prepared by world experts in the subject, and the course material is available online. You'll learn a lot by going through the course on your own. A similar course may be offered over the summer for a relatively affordable price. (I have no connection or affiliation with Stanford.)

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