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I have a couple of keys which were created many years ago, before GPG came out. (But let's pretend there's only one key involved.) The key has a mix of GPG and PGP-2.x-style UIDs. I've made one of the former the primary UID, but the PGP-2.x-style UIDs are a pain.

Unfortunately, all of the UIDs have a lot of signatures. If it were possible, I'd like to convert the PGP2 UIDs to the newer format without losing those signatures. (I suspect that's not an option, however; the algorithm, etc., is probably part of what is bound up in the signature.)

I tried creating a new UID with the same eddress and 'real name' as one of the PGP2 UIDs, with a different comment, but --edit-key command showpref reveals that GPG thinks the new UID is PGP2-style as well. (My thought was to create non-PGP2 UIDs and ask the original signers to sign the new UIDs. Yggh.)

I tried a setpref <list from showpref>, and even removed IDEA from the algorithm list (although I think that's a red herring), but even so the next adduid with the same real name and eddress is listed as PGP 2.x-style.

I'm not interested in interoperating with anyone using PGP2. Those UIDs (and they key) use the format and algorithm, etc., that they do because that's what was available at the time they were created.

So I guess my question is actually two -- or three:

  1. Is it possible to change the 'style' of an UID (from PGP2 to GPG) without losing the signatures on it?
  2. What do I need to do in order to add GPG-style UIDs to the key?
  3. (Can override both of the above) How should I be handling these old UIDs?
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