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Following is a excerpt from COMPUTERWORLD

Yesterday, in talking about the zero-day vulnerability in Tails, Exodus Intelligence wrote: "We publicized the fact that we’ve discovered these issues for a very simple reason: no user should put full trust into any particular security solution. By bringing to light the fact that we have found verifiable flaws in such a widely trusted piece of code, we hope to remind the Tails user base that no software is infallible. Even when the issues we’ve found are fixed by the Tails team, the community should keep in mind that there are most certainly other flaws still present and likely known to others."

What is known about recent zero day flaw with Tails up to this point in time, and is Tails able to keep us anonymous from a global adversary?

Following please find COMPUTERWORLD and EXODUS links:



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If you don't (manually) enable i2p this shouldn't affect you. So if you only use tails for Tor, you should be safe from this attack. –  CodesInChaos Jul 31 at 15:11
Roya - you have already answered this question over on Tor.SE (tor.stackexchange.com/q/3703/245). Not sure why you have asked it here. In any case, with a couple of questions on it there, I'll close this one. –  Rory Alsop Aug 1 at 8:21
@Rory Alsop, Dear Rory, I am aware of my own perspective, What I am interested in, is others view regarding this question. By the the way I have answered a different question than what I am asking here. –  Roya Aug 2 at 13:13
The question as it stands is not on topic. 'What is known' is rapidly changing;'what level of confidence' is subjective and depends on your threat profile. –  Rory Alsop Aug 2 at 13:18
@RoryAlsop, Dear Rory, I edit the question to rectify your concerns. –  Roya Aug 2 at 16:58

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