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I have a Linux web server running Rails and each time I check the Nginx logs I find attempts to access PHPMyAdmin, database and admin directories such as this: - - [16/Oct/2011:23:37:31 +0100] "GET //PHPMyAdmin/ HTTP/1.1" 404 728 "-" "Made by ZmEu @ WhiteHat Team -"

The attacks are coming from a variety of different IP addresses and they just increment version numbers and check each directory, e.g. GET //PHPMyAdmin 1.0/, GET //PHPMyAdmin 1.1/ etc.

Will this affect the performance of my web server much? Also, is there a way to automatically ban IP addresses that do such things e.g. like fail2ban for ssh log-in attempts.?

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If you're using Apache for such applications, you may want to look into ModSecurity, mod_evasive and/or mod_qos. The latter two are more geared towards brute force and DoS attacks. ModSecurity though has a ton of stuff under its banner.

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I'll look into Apache, thanks! – rsl Oct 17 '11 at 14:41

Fail2ban has an example script for doing this from Apache log files. Basically look for the PHPMyAdmin string in your logs with a 404.

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