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Hello, programmers, security professionals, hackers and everyone who is interested in information security. I am taking security courses in my university but I found there is only lab so I have to learn by myself, there will not be any tutorials. So I want to ask you. Can anyone recommend any ethical hacking, it security courses? Has anyone attendend Does it worth its price? Thank you for any information beforehand.

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There are a range of courses in many countries - you really need to look locally, speak to your course leader and discuss your needs from a course. Security Stackexchange isn't a suitable place to ask this sort of question (it comes under 'subjective') so I'll have to close. Have a look at though, which may be of interest. – Rory Alsop Oct 21 '11 at 13:19

first suggestion: this thread will get better responses over "", so get it moved there


I've been a self-learner of Security for long time, and from my own (and other security enthusiasts I know) experience I can say that you don't need to take any paid course to learn about Security..... actually that might give you a good boot-up but there are lots of free/open resources which would help you do the same.

I'd say start following blogs/tweets of good Security Experts that you can get hold of. Follow what's being discussed in Security Conferences (like DefCon, BlackHat, ShmooCon & more), you can even get loads of videos from these conferences on Youtube, Vimeo and their respective site.

I did started with a very basic intro guide (an open-content e-book) to hacking, but it's in its initial stages..... if you wanna keep a tab on it and follow up, the link is


until now I've covered:: part.0 Fundamentals, part.1 Hacking Cycle step.0 Acquiring Target, and part.1 Hacking Cycle step.1 Reconnaisance [Active Recon, Passive Recon]


apart from learning basics, also keep track of what's going on in Security Arena from portals like



and for any query you can always post it on

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Google has example app with many vulnerabilities - Gruyere Many good papers on security can be found in BlackHat Archives

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Security field has many different sides, depending on what you want to work with later you should pick courses.

They only course I can personally recommend is very technical, and it is on pen-test side, they will not teach you how to configure firewall or write security policy but instead you will see world from hackers perspective: OSCP

PS: Of course there are other courses that also great. I am sure there will be a lot of other abbreviations :)

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