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Ive enabled Windows authentication in my IIS.

for the sample lets assume my Active directory username is \domain\John

enter image description here

My task flow is like that :

Iis won't forward the loged on user credential to webservice request?

enter image description here

the Page1.aspx request some data from a WebService ( also in my iis ).

However , it does NOT pass the \domain\John Information . (through the request).

Other things are working well. ( I can touch a file with special permission via the impersonation)

But when the calls the webservice - it fails ( 401 - not autorized).


If i set ...useDefaultCredentials = true ( in my c# code) - its working.

I want the IIS to "forward the \domain\John" with the request of the webservice.

How can I do that ?

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This is a better question for Serverfault.

What you need to do for this to be workable is to configure Constrained Delegation. With a regular NTLM logon, your credentials aren't forwardable to another service.

With a Basic (you may need to change the LogonType value to allow it) logon, you could do this because the target server has your credentials; with NTLM, it's not able to make the second hop.

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