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Are you looking to protect the code because of an intellectual property requirement the person/company you are writing the code for has? Then I guess writing it in C could make it a bit more challenging to decompile, but someone with the required motivation and skills would go around that by reverse engineering it using many of the available tools; maybe a ...


The most secure way to store a private key is to generate it on a smart card or in an HSM. Is that an option? The smart card or HSM can still be used to encrypt and decrypt by whoever has access, but it won't give up the key. You can put the public key wherever you want.


If your app running as the user can access a chunk of data, any process running as that user can access it too. As you saw in your investigation of option 2, determined programs will be able to find the data if it's stored without additional encryption. If you implement some encryption, as in option 1, somebody could reverse engineer your application to ...

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