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0 Get nine more people to conduct a search for you and you're golden. In the mean time try these search strings in Google: Biometric scan spoofing Fingerprint scanner spoof


I suspect that dac and mac are distinct enough that if you tried to minimize the code using common infrastructure, the amount of shared code would be small. Personally I'd do them separately, and then review and flag anything taht looked too similar...


Generally capabilities are a good way of implementing a Mandatory Access Control system (see Eros OS, for example). The Linux system capabilities affect objects which can be under both DAC and MAC. They also don't seem to break the possibility to do MAC since you can limit altering capabilities using the bounding set. Once you remove the ability to ...


Mark C. Wallace in the other answer has given an excellent explanation. Here, I would try to give some of my personal (and philosophical) perspective on it. Elimination of Human from the loop: Although not completely, ABAC eliminates (more accurately reduces) human from the access control loop by binding user attributes directly with policy towards ...


DO NOT USE IP ADDRESSES FOR AUTHENTICATION Once that's off the table, what you describe is a "remember me" function for a web application. This has been discussed frequently here. (and product recommendations are off-topic)

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