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In short: Don't encrypt URL parameters, use a separate look-up. Also, using HTTPS is basically non-negotiable if you desire any measure of web application security. It's mandatory in 2015. Get comfortable with TLS 1.1+. What developers want to do What developers should do instead


Is this a good use case of using Virtual Private Network? What's the best practice? It is a broad question and it depends on many factors (size of your team, user locations, network zones, location of DBs, internal network connections among hosts etc). To put it simply, you should be only exposing your production web server and your other hosts ...


In real real life, attribute certificates don't work. Nobody really supports them. One reason for that is that certificates are, by definition, an asynchronous distribution method for information: a certificate binds some values together (for a "normal" certificate, this is a name and a public key; for an attribute certificate, the holder name is bound to ...


Even online streamed gaming is not immune from piracy. Put quite simply when it comes to stopping piracy the answer is a resounding NO It will only buy you a little more time.

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