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I don't think this is security flaw on its own (please read below, as this statement is general and not particular to that plugin), but it does go against good practices, as no one should allow access a resource if that resource doesn't need to be exposed. This might be a security problem if any of the files exposed have any kind of private data (such as ...


Shelloid Virtual Private Transport (VPT) enables you to grant service access without yielding network access like VPNs. You can simply share the service when you need it and unshare it afterwards (once our APIs are in place you can write a cron job to do this automatically). VPT is open source (http://shelloid.org). Disclaimer: I am the founder of Shelloid ...


Not to say that SESAME was ever widely prevalent but it did have valid use and was extended/modified with the advent of RFC 1510. For instance, SESAME was part of secure CORBA implementation. I can't comment on a large ORB system that I know was in place even within the last 7 years but it did exist - presumably at the later stages only superficially... For ...


(Of course this must be done on some sort of admin/power user account) You could probably use the regular NT permissions, and deny access to cmd.exe and explorer.exe. In regular properties>permissions (you may have to enable NT permissions, also in properties). You wouldn't need to have Group Policy necessarily. Or from command line you could use icacls ...


Quite frankly, your first stop should be a well regarded pentest company. Given the nature of your question, I would want to see some evidence you've managed to secure your network first. Afterall, if you've got a network that looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, it really doesn't matter how many SQL instances you run or how many servers you run them on !


If the existing database has strong security controls then there's no reason to have a separate one. If there are not strong controls on the existing database, and setting up strong security controls is not possible on the existing database then you will need to have a separate database to better protect the data.

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