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Yes, in theory, you could significantly disrupt Kerberos (which is time sensitive) by blocking time or sending strange time answers in response to requests. This is why AD has moved to authenticated time, and mostly abandoned SNTP. Mind you, NTP (on which authenticated time and SNTP are based) uses quorum-counting, so you would have to disrupt multiple time ...


Forcing unique passwords for both domain admin and Daily account would simply do people so they use like "MyP@ssw0rd1" for their Daily and "MyP@ssw0rd2" for domain admin. That would do the passwords easly guessable anyways, knowing the Daily password would make it easier for an attacker to deduce the domain password out of this. The risk you want to ...


I am assuming we are discussing Windows Active Directory within a domain. As far as I know, I do not believe it is possible to enforce unique passwords between two separate accounts related to the same end-user using standard methods of password implementation. You CAN, however, use a third-party software to manage administrator accounts and change the ...


Normally you simply have to remove the computer from the domain and rejoin again. You can do via Active Directory I believe or Powershell. But I've found that this is the most simplest and straightforward way...and can be done from the offending computer or remotely if necessary.

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