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It's hard to say, because any such official request would come with a non-disclosure agreement. Fortunately, the marketplace has enough global competition that such an outcome is unlikely at best. If AV-USA agreed not to detect Federal.KeyLogger, and AV-RUS discovered it anyway, AV-USA would quickly be discovered as untrustworthy and would lose ...


Nothing is sure that apple.com website has been the vector attack. The problem could be coming from any tag, window or web pageyou opened using Interet Explorer. Given the warning message you got, I highly suspect your IE browser is vulnerable to a recent (July 2015) critical issue (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-065 - Critical) concerning IE versions ...


While the alert is alarming, based on the information provided, it does not appear to be of concern. When IE restarted, it attempted to reopen the page it was last on, which was apple.com. res://ieframe.dll/... is how IE reloads the last page it was on. Malware Bytes caught this dll loading and alerted on it.

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