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This looks similar to the poetry that was being sent out at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg. In particular, it starts using the HEAD as part of the poetry (the example below uses DELETE to start the line).


I don't know what the REDACTED part consisted of, but I can tell you that the bytes \xf0\x9f\x90\x90 correspond to a picture of a goat in UTF-8: Here it is: 🐐 Note: On a whim, I also looked up the Intel opcodes corresponding to these byte values. They don't do anything interesting at all — 0x90 is NOP (does nothing), 0x9f is LAHF (load FLAGS into AH ...


"muieblackcat" is a vulnerability scanner which searches for misconfigured webservers. It tried different common install paths for phpMyAdmin, all of them returned a 404, meaning you're safe. The last log entry comes from Apache, which sometimes polls its own child processes to check if they're still working correctly. The first and the second entry log ...


Its not an ugly way. But a better way will be to use the preload system :


Nothing to worry about. This is regular internet noise, there are a lot of robots on the internet scanning the internet, even doing full IP traversals from to so even if your domain name is known only by you, someone will eventually scan your IP address. Since the logs are calling javascript files there's nothing to worry about. ...

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