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Stick a little button on the tower itself, which also has to be pressed in order to open the flap. Plate #1 from my pending patent application.


Add a keypad to your stations. When the user uses the app, you send them a random code which needs to be typed into the pad within a few minutes to open it (using an encrypted connection, of course). To make the system more user-friendly, you could alternatively allow the app to transmit the code via Bluethooth or NFC. But you should not rely on this, ...


The owner of the app requesting a flap open is logged, and any subsequent damages are debted to him/her [option: unless immediately reported and investigated]. That ought to provide a strong incentive for people to never open a power flap that is out of your sight always dutifully close the flap as soon as possible keep the app secure. Also, it would be ...


As a user, I find your process rather hostile. I have a regular phone, I have a tablet. I don't always drag them around with me. So I guess I will be avoiding your service. What I do use is Esso's SpeedPass. RF keychain dongle that lives on my ignition key. As I have to remove the key to open the gas cap it's hugely convenient, also weatherproof and nearly ...


As I mention in comments I don't really know what bad outcome(s) you're trying to prevent, but: An option in the app to close the flap (and cease charging, if there's already a car plugged in) would help protect the user against accidentally opening a different tower from the one they intended (or opening a tower by finger-fumbling the single button when ...


Through the app you could implement location services to determine if in fact the user is next to the station. use a blutooth mechanism to allow the flap to open from the phone have a qr code as mentioned before which the user must scan to open

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