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The PostgreSQL documentation says that UUID generation relies on the OSSP library. A look at the source code of OSSP (version 1.6.2) shows that the code uses /dev/urandom on Unix-like systems (CryptGenRandom() on Windows), and also a much weaker PRNG based on current time, process ID, and the C library rand() function. Fortunately, the two outputs are XORed ...


If the input to that website is not carefully filtered, then that is a vulnerability known as Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF). There is even a common weakness enumeration number and page for it. https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/918.html By providing URLs to unexpected hosts or ports, attackers can make it appear that the server is sending the ...


Well depending on how they've implemented this feature it could indeed be quite dangerous. In addition to to the risks you've mentioned there's also the potential for non-public URLs to be retrieved by the system. For example retrieving would retrieve localhost. This can be a risk as things like administration panels are commonly deployed ...


If I look at google for "application level antivirus" I only get to a site which looks like a scam site, i.e. full of references with logos similar to NASA, HP, Comodo etc which don't point to these sites but instead try to sell you something. If you mean the same site then I would recommend hands off.

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