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Addslashes you will fall in the all mighty encoding... Its basicly a skill war in terms the one that knows more.... Thruth is we say it like that because its sopose to make ppl like you do what your doing unfortunatly in the incorrect place lol. Since the point is to you to learn how to write decent code and not just copy a recepie i will leave some hints, ...


I enjoy black arch even thought there is alot of work involved because i have installed arch linux first and have a working everything computer that provides me all that i need to help with all the reporting and what inot i need for pentest.... black arch is just a repo for me so i like that.


No, authentication is not a sufficient compensating control for lack of input validity checking. You can't always usually ever trust input from users and and other systems (and I recommend not trusting input from your own system, as well). As an example, I've had roughly 5 instances in the last three months where a trusted user's system acted as an ...


Try inserting ' + alert('xxx') + ' This will render the sourcecode above as pagename : '' + alert('xxx') + '' This means in plain English "The value of _TM.pagename is the string which you get when you concatenate an empty string, the return value of calling alert('xxx') and another empty string". To build this string, alert('xxx') will be called. ...

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