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apt-get install mitmf now that works mitmf --log-level debug -i wlan0 --spoof --arp --gateway --targets


Ettercap man in the middle SSL by using a certificate issued for the right common name but signed by ettercap. So you will never produce an error like ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID by using this tool. You will see errors like ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER. After you stop your attack, ettercap send good ARP opportunistic packets to restore the good behavior in your network. ...


Yes,When you perform a MITM, the browser throws an error at the self signed certificate being used. Unless the certificate is not placed under the trusted certificate store of the browser you will continue to get this error. A possible work around is tool like SSLstrip, but if the website is configured with HSTS it will not work.


Yes. It is. Actually Ettrcap pretends to be your friend's pc and decrypts the intercepted traffic from the website, but then the data should be encrypted as the friend use https. Since you have no valid certificate from the website, your friend's browser throws an error - 'Untrusted Certificate'.


In theory, yes. You'd need to disable IP forwarding so the data doesn't pass through the attacking machine. You'd need to forward the client's download request and then intercept the download as it bounces off the attacker. Once you have this file, modify it as you wish and send it to the victim while spoofing yourself as the server. NOTE: This process ...

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