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As you have noted, the public key is included in the Certificate. However, a PKCS7 message does not mandate the inclusion of the Certificate. The person signing may or may not include their X.509 certificate for the recipient to use to verify the signature. If it is not included, the recipient has to obtain a copy of the signer's certificate by other ...


As 5.1 says (redacted and emphasis added): digestAlgorithms ... is intended to list the message digest algorithms employed by all of the signers, in any order, to facilitate one-pass signature verification. Implementations MAY fail to validate signatures that use a digest algorithm that is not included in this set. ... ...


It is defined in 4.1 of RFC3281 AttributeCertificate ::= SEQUENCE { acinfo AttributeCertificateInfo, signatureAlgorithm AlgorithmIdentifier, signatureValue BIT STRING }

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