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The primary ramification is that the security of your private SSL/TLS key is ultimately out of your control. Technically, you could use a wildcard certificate, or a multiple domain certificate (Subject Alternative Name, or SAN, certificate). However; if you use a wildcard or SAN certificate, then the security of all of your servers is tied to the security ...


If you want your server to encrypt/sign outgoing traffic, then it needs its own private key. This is normal. What I think you are asking is about the security of having this certificate on a server that is ultimately out of your control. You will simply have to limit the exposure of this certificate and have processes in place to handle the event where you ...


Yes and no. If done right it will be, but what you are describing is simply an authentication cookie. I would suggest to not reinvent the wheel. The framework/programming language that you use probably already have a way to manage authentication cookie. I would go with that instead of creating it yourself.

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