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First of all open source software can be viewed inside out and checked for backdoors so the "not get caught" aspect falls apart instantly. And as @schroeder said, bugs and errors can create insecurities but that is not intentional and hence not exactly a backdoor.


I don't understand your question well but if you want to hide a backdoor on notepad and u don't wana use meterpreter or reverse shell then use a packer app which can hide your backdoor on a notepad and when the user runs the notepad the packer upacks it self and runs the backdoor.


it can be untrusted, yes, but the other alternative, the "close-source", the proprietary, is in fact non-trusted. Now you decided with you professional secrets, your industrial projects, to left them in proprietary hands and their "spy government friends" or let them to open source software that was, and is, reviewed an audited by programmers from all the ...


Yes it is possible. Open-source software is only as secure as the procedures followed to review and audit the code. You cannot assume that because a software package is open-source that somebody actually bothered to review the code. When you open-source software you merely afford the opportunity for the code to be reviewed by your peers or some other body ...


Backdoors in open-source software where discovered, yes. Generally speaking open-source does not automatically mean the software is secure or free of bugs. Just remember Heartbleed in OpenSSL. One of the main problems is that everyone could take a look on the source but often no one actually does thinking someone else surely did it before. So it is ...

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