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No. The backdoor is not on this script. This piece of highly obfuscated code contains a program to allow the hacker to dynamically append any HTML or javascript by randomly calling a server located at with one of the four hostnames "33db9538.com", "9507c4e8.com", "e5b57288.com", "54dfa1cb.com". The deobfuscated code looks something like this: ...


You'd probably have to go around a lot of places to get anything specific, but since you are talking about hardware-based exploits, you're going to want to look for physical bugs. There's a great article I read from spiderlabs about some stuff like this: http://blog.spiderlabs.com/2014/03/detecting-surveillance-state-surveillance-part-1-hardware-impants.html ...


Short answer is that you can use your own payload, but that payload has to play nicely with the host exe. There are numerous tutorials that I encourage you to look at.

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