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Am I correct in assuming that even though all the data from the last point above can potentially be read by someone else, the fact that the private key is required to recover the symmetric key means this is secure? Depends on your definition of secure. If you want to ensure confidentiality and integrity, and you go with CBC as you suggest in the ...


The basic design you propose is secure. Of course, the security of any working system also depends on the implementation. However, using public key crypto for backups has little benefit compared to symmetric crypto. The usual arrangement for backups is to have a symmetric key. You store this in two places: your working machine, and in a secure, safe, ...


@mikeazo has a point: What you're describing makes sense; it's the standard way to encrypt a file with a public key. If I were you, I'd start looking at encrypted backup applications for your OS, and seeing if they're appropriate, before reinventing the wheel. Separately, you now have a key storage problem: your backups are encrypted, but the private keys ...


Might be a dup, see this answer: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/6541/can-a-factory-reset-fix-malware-problem. The short answer is that factory reset may not be enough to unroot your system if it has been rooted.

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