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Client side CPU is cheap but you can also use dual encryption on Client side => Bcrypt and on Server eq. hash_pbkdf2. As you know Bcrypt had cost param, normally on server you use 10-12 because is fast if you use more than 14 it take some time. So if many users login into you webiste they can DDOSed you. In my implementation i use also different hash ...


Bcrypt as stated in the Link is limited to 72 Characters. SHA256 may have an OUTPUT size of only 32 Bytes, It's Message input is ((2^64)-1)\8 or roughly 2305843009213693952 Bytes (assuming a char is 8 bits) To Bcrypt it's receiving a 32 Byte passphrase to encrypt, To SHA256 that could be a 400 Char data stream (IE password). So no, you're not losing ...

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