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Most businesses require employees to cooperate with thieves to the best of their abilities, along with insurance to replace anything lost during a fire, theft, or natural disaster. It is hugely more expensive to repair the bad press and pay your workers compensation (or worse, pay when your spouse sues them after you die)! It's just not worth it! If you ...


Sometimes we forget what counts: The system is protecting things, you and your coworkers are a people. When kidnapped, just cooperate and try to keep harm to persons as low as possible; it's just not worth it. With this corrected attitude, it doesn't matter what security system you pick, because it will only work with the thieves, not with the robbers.


You simply avoid processing raw biometric data on your server at all cost. The way Apple does it on their iDevices is a good guide line. Let specialised and isolated hardware compute and store the sensitive biometric information for you. Then fetch the already hashed data from the hardware. If possible, you should not use pictures captured by the sensor.

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