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The biggest issue surrounding "cyber" related crimes is that of attribution. The second biggest issues lies in collaboration by law enforcement agencies around the world. Let's look at the first issue, attribution: "Where did it come from/who did it." Many attacks are often chained via multiple connections until the attacker ends up at a destination. E.g.: ...


There are some cases where ransomware authors are arrested (e.g. here and here) - but as long as this crime stays lucrative, people won't stop writing ransomware. And the police will always be at least one step behind.


For the same reason for which other kinds of hackers aren't arrested. They may be trackable by the transactions. Unless they have a good system of money laundering. In addition there's usually the problem with international jurisdiction, etc, etc. The bitcoin transactions may be run via hacked accounts and/or may be run over multiple accounts that are ...

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