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There is a better method today if you are using android. The developer tools offer a way to sniff Bluetooth packets into a log that can be opened in Wireshark. Go to Developer Options on your phone and enable hcidump. See this blog post for more details


An attacker could launch a denial of service attack known as BlueSmack. Quoting this link: BlueSmack is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, hence it is directed at the availability of a Bluetooth device. The attack is done similarly to the ”Ping of Death” against IP-based devices. [...] Those devices (especially known for such a behaviour is the iPaq)...


There is an interesting paper which talks about securing IoT devices such as smart locks - It has a section on relay attacks, which can be summarised more or less as: Systems can under some circumstances use the GPS location of the mobile as a countermeasure for relay attacks, but: this ...

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