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collecting that much of domain names you need to dig internet like anything try this link, might help you. definitely not going to get that much of names give it a try http://www.malwaredomains.com/?tag=botnets All the best


I agree with everything that the first person to answer your question has said -- this is likely a router DNS hack, UNLESS there is persistent malware on some other endpoint (say, your child's computer) within your local LAN (the one whose IP addresses start with "192.168" etc. etc.) that is attacking the rest of your local infrastructure faster than you can ...


What you've described sounds like your router's DNS settings have been changed to use servers under the control of your attackers. You can confirm this by disabling the proxy server. If you disable the proxy and the problem goes away then wipe the proxy machine and start again - it's the only way to be sure. You can reset the DNS server settings to what ...

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