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The attacker already knows the capacity of all your buffers. This is the normal basic assumption: buffers in your software are defined by the software itself, which exists as source code, executable, backup copies, and in the heads of the designers. The same software may have been purchased by the attacker, and reverse-engineered; or the software could ...


While the accepted answer is correct in suggesting moving everything to a different function it does not explain why. As you can see in this question and answer main() functions often perform a stack alignment to ensure that the stack is setup properly. The following instruction is performed: 83 e4 f0 and esp, 0xfffffff0 This will ...


Your example does segfault here (or cause the program termination if the stack protector is active). Maybe you should try to move the buffer overflow into another function. Perhaps your gcc version is converting return 0; from main into exit(0);.

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