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You're going to want to get a clear picture of what "hexadecimal value" means vs. "hexadecimal string." To me, the "hexadecimal value" is a numeric type where the byte 6f is actually stored on the machine as binary 0110 1111 (which is 6f). In many languages, C++ included, you can achieve this by prepending "0x" to the value: unsigned int some_hex = 0x6f; ...


"AES-128" means "AES used with a 128-bit key". "AES-256" means "AES used with a 256-bit key". By definition, you should use a 128-bit key with AES-128, and a 256-bit key with AES-256. What happens when you give a 256-bit key to AES-128, or a 128-bit key to AES-256 ? By all rights, it should blow up in your face. However, some implementations are more ...

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