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What are some strategies to detect and prevent vulnerabilities introduced by third party libraries? How would you demonstrate to a customer why it is important to fix reflective cross-site scripting flaws? How would you demonstrate to a customer why MD5 is not appropriate algorithm to use when hashing passwords? What scripts or tools have you written to ...


You can ask about Owasp top 10 vulnerabilities. As a spesific question you can ask about csrf and xss relation.


What different types of XSS are there? How are they exploited? How would you remediate them? Also answer the above 3 questions for SQL injection and Cross site request forgery. What type of vulnerabilities are hard to detect with automated scanners? How would you manually test these vulnerabilities? It would be difficult to BS your way through an appsec ...


I am in a similar Situation, about to get my first cert, and doing an internship right now. If you'd like to take online classes related to Cyber Security I can recommend Dakota State University. I am a student there and while the campus/school are relatively small the classes are awesome. The School is known for it's great program and does a great job at ...

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