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Changes to DNS aliases (CNAME) or IP addresses do not matter at all to certificate validation. All what matters is that the hostname as seen by the client (for example the name in the URL) matches the subject(s) of the certificate. This name will not change on any changes to the DNS. Often a DNS CNAME gets confused with a HTTP redirect. In the case of CNAME ...


Yes, you can. You just need to have the private key in the proper format to be used by openssl. Not knowing in which format you exported, it's impossible to provide commands, but -supposing it can't sign directly with it- openssl x509 may be able to convert the file.


As to the first part of your question. the answer is NO, and all who say it is forget that that also means breaking essential layers of security on the device. as to the second it is possible but highly dubious to do so. The way to do this is by buying a certificate for a domain (like and have its DNS entry point to and ...

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