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This certification is typically done through FIPS certification. The list of labs certified by NIST to perform FIPS certifications is here


The obvious answer here is that experience is the only thing that matter. Reverse engineer tons of stuff. Expand your knowledge. Share what you've learned. Etc etc. But of course, getting a certification won't do you any harm and as far as I am concerned, will only count as a plus on your CV. However; having a certification on your CV doesn't get you a job ...


The certifications you need are the ones your employer is looking for. There is no better gauge than that. As for when you you get them: you get them when you deserve them. When you are ready to write, you write, and not before. To cram for an exam and memorize answers, you do yourself a disservice. Certs are one way to show your experience after you have ...

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