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To add to Xander's answer, there are a few things to consider: Company policy IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS multi-tenancy Key management Current internal security posture Company policy Some companies are okay with *aaS, some companies say a certain level of PII is okay to store off-prem without encryption, or require encryption for a certain level, and say ...


Given the current state of public cloud, I would argue that in many cases it is in fact more secure than on-premise storage. Granted I work for Microsoft, but my opinion both pre-dates my employment, and extends to competitors like Amazon and Google as well. Companies whose business models are built on data center operational expertise and excellence, are ...


If you are supplying the application that stores and retrieves the encrypted files for the user, here are a few ideas you may want to consider... 1) Rather than encrypting data at the cloud storage, consider encrypting the data files prior to storing in the cloud service. You can find numerous options for encryption libraries on GitHub. 2) Store the Keys ...


I would say as a generalization that bare-metal hypervisor is more secure. As with any system when you add more software you add more attack surface. So let's take any hosted hypervisor out there. Instead of just dealing with the hypervisor attack surface you also have the OS vulnerabilities to worry about.

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