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In my opinion, being sent to the conference would... Keep your skills up to date in a fast moving industry Bring fresh ideas and perspective back to your company Allow you to network, e.g. scout new hires Increase the presence/awareness of your brand Provide a bonding experience with co-workers To help ensure success... Find out what the application ...


Defcon always worked out as the most cost effective broad technical training for my penetration testers and technical security teams - even though I had to approve budget for them to fly from the UK to Vegas and stay there for the week. Defcon gives cutting edge training direct experience of 'black hat' activities value for money Blackhat is a much more ...


Here's the answer to the technical part of the question. As for the legal bit, well... here's the technical bit: All three services are encrypted, but there's some concern about the scope of that encryption: Client-only encryption: Me Provider You +-------+ +----------+ +-------+ | Plain |========| Plain ...


Jitsi offers video chat, comes with OTR/SRTP/ZRTP. https://jitsi.org/ The docs say that it can do multi-user video https://jitsi.org/Projects/JitsiVideobridge I have only tried the chat and phone function, they work very well


I would ask a lawyer about HIPAA compliance -- that's a legal question, not a technical one. However, I would consider the following: http://greenwirehealthcare.com/hipaa/is-voip-hipaa-compliant/ Skype and Google+ both encrypt data between the client and the server, but do not provide end-to-end encryption.


Are you sure you want to read research papers on this? If so, here are a few good ones: State of the Art: Automated Black-Box Web Application Vulnerability Testing, J. Bau, E. Bursztein, D. Gupta, J.C. Mitchell. IEEE Security & Privacy 2010. Why Johnny Can't Pentest: An Analysis of Black-box Web Vulnerability Scanners, A. Doupe, M. Cova, G. Vigna, ...

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