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This is an interesting question because it is almost entirely nontechnical. One presumes from your question that you are releasing something that would offend more than one national government. Digital Opsec Compartmentation: Only work on it using resources that are not associated to you. One cross-contamination will burn you (that is how DPR was sent up ...


Go to some public wifi access point (e.g. some coffee shop, internet cafe, etc.), plug in your USB stick and upload it somewhere publicly available (e.g. github/sourceforge if you also want to make the source code available).


Simply ... ... don't compare strings, compare their hashes! Yes, I mean this for timeing safety (the side effect of password safety, left aside). What This Does When comparing hashes, you don't need to worry about following (which might not be obvious at first) The hashing process taking more time, for longer strings Why? The correct hash you are ...


Correct me if I'm wrong (in reply to Thomas, but also to generally answer the original question), but you should be able to strive towards leak free checks with your code. In this example, "known" is a known value, that has been pre-embedded into a buffer, I.e. If your known value is "qwerty", and you allow a maximum length of 64, then "qwerty" is ...

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