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Well ask yourself what would you do. Lets say you have a hard disk with all your credit card info etc. Do you think encryption is enough? Personally I would forensically wipe the drive and then destroy it before i throw it in the garbage.


Consider disk as a paper which contains some sensitive information. Would you like to crumple them and sell them off for some monetary gain, or would you rather use a shredder machine so that the data becomes irrecoverable? Disks can be bought, data leaked cannot be. There are many people out there who are eager and ready to accept the challenge of breaking ...


Things that are encrypted are potentially decryptable. A pile of disk dust is less so. Physical destruction has a few other advantages - its relatively fast. A drill press could render a platter unreadable fairly quickly, and a shredder can be used to destroy disks in bulk. Wiping might take an hour or more depending on the size of the disk. It can be done ...


Disk is cheap, peace of mind isn't. Shred the disks and you won't have to worry about them. "But it's encrypted..." - is it? Are all your disks encrypted? If not, how confident are you that your asset management never ever confuses encrypted and unencrypted disks? Are you willing to sink the necessary effort into tracking assets that closely? Disk is ...

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