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When we learned about BLP in class, one of my classmates decided to email Dr. Bell and ask the question. Below is the response we got. Too bad you haven't happened on the couple of talks I've given on old war stories. During the oil embargo of 1972, was it?, I was driving an hour to work every day, from Worcester MA to Bedford. One's mind wanders. ...


The asterisk is also called a "star". I'm not sure there is any deep mystery there.


The basic idea is that Policies are separated from Procedures because Policies are going to rarely change. They are a high-level view of the intent of the company. Procedures are how that intent is carried out. Those implementational details can vary from department to department and modify over time. Imagine that the users can have one kind of password ...


Anonymous navigation is a confusing term. The navigation is not anonymous, it only leaves less traces on the computer. Even if you disable that funcionality, the user could instruct the browser to wipe all data, and get the same. Or s/he could make the AppData folder for Chrome read-only, and get the same effect. There's better ways to do that. The easier ...

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