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It is a (base64 encoded) MD5 hash, as the 32 character hex value suggests. You cannot recover plaintext from a MD5 hash, but you can use bruteforce to make hashes of different text and see if the hash matches: $ echo -n 'Thisisatest' | md5sum - 0480aa34aa3db358b37cde2ab6b65326 - $ echo -n 'Thisisanothertest' | md5sum - c7127540291d57c5afa566b791b085fb -


You cannot, in full generality, infer the hash algorithm from the output. An output is just a sequence of bits, and hash functions that produce n-bit outputs can at least theoretically produce any sequence of n bits of output. However, some people can make quick inferences (perhaps too quick), by saying that among the "usual" hash functions, only one ...

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