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The jre 7 added a lot of new features and a lot of bugs. In Jan 2014 updates to the jre 7 made it radically harder to run applets.


I think this is a "trend effect" which is also the drive under everything about fashion (in the "clothing" sense). Please allow the local Frenchman to talk about fashion. Fashion is a deeply self-contradictory social behaviour. People who follow fashions seek both: to gain acceptance in a given local group by displaying adherence to perceived agreed upon ...


Excellent infographic! Unless someone were to actually sit-down and read through the various CVE's and understand them in-and-out, it would be difficult to provide any sort of substantial answer. That said, I'm willing to conjecture wildly here. Browser creep -- with three main-stream browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) the plugins have to be developed ...

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