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Theoretically: Contact a CNA or Mailing List As others have stated, you would contact a CNA. If you can't find one in the list of software vendors, you would contact MITRE directly. You could also post it to a mailing list instead of contacting a CNA. MITRE mentions bugtraq - where you would just publish your vulnerability (not a request for a CVE), and ...


The EXACT method of getting a CVE from Mitre is to e-mail them at cve-assign @ When you e-mail them, you will need to be specific about why you are requesting a CVE, and you will need to provide them with the gist of what you found. For example: Cross Domain Paradigm Shift (issue) Paradigm Vendor (vendor) Versions (version of software affected) ...


[Note: see the answer by @tim, which is a more thorough anwser than my quick google.] MITRE has official documentation that answers your question right on, specifically have a look at which gives a thorough description of CVE Identifiers, how they are created, and how to request one. The home ...

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