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No, your understanding of TDE is not wrong. A user with the appropriate permissions on the SQL Server instance can access the data in the database, and with SQL Azure, even if TDE were enabled, the DBAs in charge of the instance would certainly still have full access to the data. What can you do? Well, you can encrypt the data in the application before ...


Individual watermarking by a webserver application can be done in a way that is invisible to the eye of the user downloading it. If individual watermarking is applied, it will lead to different files having different hash-signatures. But it can be done in a way, that makes an image unusable (meaning havily reduced in quality) if the file is downloaded ...


Given your requirements, i'd consider doing all of my web browsing in a VM. You could keep it up to date, and then after your session simply restore a snapshot. Update Windows or what have you only, then create new snapshots as patches become available. I do this myself to avoid malware accessing my sensitive data.

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