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For traditional platter HDs and for flash drives (SD cards, pen drives, ...) In order to delete it for good you need to erase the slack, that is the space where the file still resides and which is made available to new files (or growing existing ones). You can erase this space with tools like CCleaner or Eraser. For SSDs You do not need to do anything, ...


To reiterate what Philipp said, it depends on whether or not the space was overwritten. While it's possible to recover the file using tools such as Recuva, you're unlikely to find anything usable as a general end-user if you've been using the SD card long enough. That doesn't mean that fragments of the video can't be recovered; file carving programs can ...


When you delete something from an SD card (or most mass storage media) it doesn't actually get deleted. The space on the card where the file is stored is simply marked as unused and will be reused when space for a new file is needed. Whether or not the file can be restored with data rescue software depends on how much new space was needed in the meantime ...


Sadly, no. The whole point of the system's security is that there is no way to retrieve it other than brute forcing, and at that password length the entire key space will take a considerable amount longer than your life to brute force! Unless you wrote it down or stored it elsewhere, you'll need to assume whatever was in that encrypted space is gone.

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