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You can find platforms that provide so-called wargames, such as OverTheWire. In such games, you have an SSH access to a public machine with custom vulnerable software that you must exploit in order to progress further.


Depending on what you call "online", a simple Google search on "damn vulnerable" will reveal the existence of freely downloadable applications of even full OS, meant for, indeed, learning all the ways software can be horribly vulnerable. One of them is Damn Vulnerable Web App, which is, you guessed it, a damn vulnerable Web app. There also used to be a full ...


The answer is to take responsibility for your own security. If you rely only on software vendors for your security your trust is arguably misplaced and you might be disappointed quite often. You are in control of your system as an individual and it is therefore your responsibility to take the necessary measures to protect what is important to you. Most ...


The most reliable way is to stop using the product or service that has the vulnerability until it is patched. Obviously this is often very inconvenient. You must make a risk assessment of your own situation to decide if it is worth it.


If I look at a presentation about the topic it does not look like replacing defense in depth, but replacing a heterogeneous environment containing lots of different mostly independent and sometimes incompatible security solutions with a more structured environment where all parts work together to better detect and deal with the risks. It still contains ...


I'm wondering why AJAX is not used to log in nor register in most of the pages and it's used PHP reloading the whole page. Is it about security, or it's just that it's not practical at all? Ajax is not a special thing regarding the transport of the login data, because it is a HTTP request done in the background instead of the foreground. Thus if done ...

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