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Back in the day, this was called the Slashdot effect. Accidentally DoSing a site through sudden popularity is nothing new.


First idea: Use SMS or automated phone calls to give a one time password. Put their phone number on blacklist after this. You can use any SMS authentication cloud service, or any phone based authentication cloud service for this. Getting a new mobile SIM card or phone number is too cumbersome for a user to get Another free resource. However: This is a ...


It depends on the ISP and their level of customer care/repsonsibility. As a business ISP we consider any routers/firewalls/etc we provide as our responsibility; we don't expect every small to medium enterprise to have a technical team or someone competent enough to be able to protect themselves proactively so we will deal with these as and when we are ...


Denial of service attacks and brute force attacks on a single client are two very different things and ISPs will have different responses. Also, ISPs are not all created equal, some will be better than others at detecting and dealing with problems. Distributed denial of service attacks attempt to flood a host or hosts with malicious traffic of some kind, ...

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