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Can one actually configure an end-user client PC or device to force it to accept & use only DNS lookup results that are cryptographically-verified under DNSSec? I don't think it is possible to do directly. What you might could do is to setup a DNS server which throws away any response which is not signed with DNSSec. Then you could setup your local ...


The error message says that the certificate is valid for "quicksearch.website". A simple search for this name at google shows you that this is malware. There a lots of information online about this specific malware and how to remove it, like Spyware.QuickSearch - Removal.


A few things worth considering: Change your router's administrative password to something random. Ideally, do this from a separate computer/smartphone if possible. Don't log on the router from any of your compromised computers and do not save the password Configure your router so that remote management is not enabled Make sure TR-069 is not enabled Wait ...


Based on your details something is messing with the DNS settings and since it affects the whole network it is probably the router. Also the fact that the first DNS address in the router was something you did not set indicates an attack against the router. I used F-Secure's router checker and it shows everything as ok I have no idea what the router ...

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