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Where exactly does the problem exist ? Nowhere. There is no problem. With ping you are working only at the network layer and on this layer there is no such thing as a hostname, there are only IP addresses. And has the same IP address as because this is just an alias (DNS CNAME): $ dig ......


TLDs (top level domains) are allowed to have certain restrictions based on location, the type of content, and the domain names. It is not surprising that they'd block it to avoid confusion on the domain name's owner which would appear to many as being the same as .lk.


In short: You cannot simply set up a rogue Google or Reddit e-mail server, because DNS. E-mail clients and servers rely upon DNS in very much the same way most web browsers and websites do. When a node has a package that requires delivery to an address at domain.tld, that node will first query their DNS servers to retrieve the MX record for that domain. ...


Since the site is on the domain, it bears reason that the owner of said domain, or an administrator of said domain, will have FTP access that allows them to modify the site and paste the code-key into the webpage. In regards to the or options, you'd have to be able to modify the site (probably the or

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