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Have you tried any simple cryptanalysis against it? If not do some research and give it a go. My guess would be it is a simple substitution combined with a caesar shift...if so it is trivially simple and I doubt you have seen it used as real-world encryption anywhere.


Base-n systems have n different symbols in their alphabet. Base 2 is just ones and zeros, base 10 has 0 through 9. Base 64 has 64 unique characters, as defined in its RFC. If you see a 64-character long base64_custom_key field, I would guess that's the alphabet you have to use. I'll do an example. The normal alphabet is A-Z, a-z, 0-9, + and ,. If the ...


You're asking some good questions. The first thing you should know is that information, entropy and strings/arrays of bytes are related. The entropy of a system is the Log(Information). In this case, the Information is a String (password, base64 encoded or otherwise). However, to find the information content of a string, we don't measure a it based upon ...


It does not increase the entropy. An attacker performing a brute force attack can simply apply the same encoding you are using before hashing.

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