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Of course entropy theoretically makes a password stronger but from the perspective of a password cracker the first password likely would take much longer to crack. This is because of the length of the password--this argument would probably not be valid with a short password. It is something I have written about before myself Consider how password cracking ...


Collisions are not useful in this case. You need a pre-image attack that can find the correct input that was used to generate the hash. An alternate input that creates a collision is still not the correct key, and won't decrypt the data. Finding the correct 128-bit random input is not feasible, even with MD5.


Agreed this needs some documents to speak clearly about the subject. Above the fold Google search resulted in http://www.cs.ru.nl/bachelorscripties/2013/Raoul_Estourgie___3022420___Analysis_of_Android_Authenticators.pdf page 30, which describes a pdk type functionality using a random salt. Assuming the research is valid, the usage of md5 in this equation ...

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