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Cookies are domain-dependent. You don't decide, from the server side, which cookie you read; the browser sends the stored cookies that match the name (with domain) of the target server. If you want to share some authentication in some SSO manner, then you need both servers A and B to delegate the authentication to a common third server C. That server will ...


Unless "website A" and "website B" are both subdomains of the same domain, what you want to do is impossible; if they are subdomains of the same domain, the same person or organization presumably controls both. Consequently, legality is irrelevant.


Well i don't know where you're from, but in the Netherlands we've got something called the "National Cyber Security Centre" which is actually some kind of CERT. Besides security flaws in governmental systems you can also warn them about security flaws in other vital systems. If you live in the Netherlands you should take a look at it: ...


If you are no longer a student in that college, then you could sue them for not applying due care in the handling of your personal data. Technically you could also do that if you are still a student there, but no longer being a student means that they would have a harder time retaliating if they are so minded. The crucial point here is that being a ...

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